Assistant Professor 7


Department of Veterinary Paraclinical Sciences

Academic Background

DVM, 2006, University of the Philippines Los Baños
MS, 2011, Chonnam National Unieversity


Molecular Medicine

Recent Publications

  1. Pangga, Gladys Maria V. and Collantes, Therese Marie A. Morphological and growth characteristics of primary cell cultures derived from Philippine native Banaba and Rhode Island Red Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus L.). Philippine Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 2019. 56 (1): 47-56.
  2. Velasquez, Almagrace A., Collantes, Therese Marie A., Lumbera, Wenchie Marie L., Salamat, Saubel Ezrael A., Encabo, Jaymee R., Mendoza, Bernadette C., and Villegas, Lucille C. Serology and DNA-based detection and serotyping of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Pohl from backyard pigs in selected provinces of Luzon, Philippines. Philippine Science Letters. 2019. 12(1): 68-79.
  3. Collantes, Edward Ryan A., Fan, Baojian, Zhang, Qi, Collantes, Therese Marie A., Delfin, Manuel Jr, Wan, Aliete, Linkroum, Kevin, Liu, Qin, and Wiggs, Janey L. A novel nonstop MYOC mutation in a Large Filipino Family with Juvenile-Onset Open-Angle Glaucoma. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 2017. 58 (8): 2128.
  4. Collantes, Therese Marie A., David, Joanna Marie F., Vergara, Emil Joseph S., Armea, Stephanie Rose D., Flores, Marianne Leila S. Detection of pathogenic leptospires and analysis of factors and clinical signs associated with canine leptospirosis. Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 2016. 42 (1): 41-48.
  5. Barroga, Toni Rose M., Collantes, Therese Marie A., Mingala, Claro N. Larvicidal activity of nematophagous fungi Dudingtonia flagrans against common strongyle roundworms of buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 2016. 42 (1): 49-58.
  6. Lola MSG, Paraso MGV, Divina BP, A Gobongseng D, Bombio AM and Collantes TMA. 2016. Heat Stress Induces Histopathological Changes in Lymphoid Organs of Broiler and Philippine Native Chickens. Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Science 42(2): 85-90
  7. Archawakulathep , Amornthep, Kim ,Chung Ta Thi, Meunsene, Dethaloun, Handijatno, Didik,  Abu Hassim, Hasliza, Rovira, Hope G., Myint, Khin Sandar, Baldrias, Loinda R., Sothy, Meas,  Aung, Min, Wahyu, Nenny H., Chea, Rortana, Boonmasawai, Sookruetai, Vannamahaxay, Soulasack, Angkititrakul, Sunpetch, Collantes, Therese Marie A., Van, Tho Nguyen, Punyapornwithaya , Veerasak, Zakaria, Zunita, Chuanchuen, Rungtip.  Perspectives on antimicrobial resistance in livestock and livestock products in ASEAN countries. Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 2014. 44 (1): 5-13.
  8. Bariuan, Jussiaea V., Uychoco, Janice Mary Honeylette J., Collantes, Therese Marie A., Estsacio, Maria Amelita C. Effects of total mandibular sialodenectomy on the biometry and histologic features of the ovary of rats. Philippine Journal of Veterinary Medicine. 2013. 50 (2): 90-96.
  9. Collantes, Therese Marie A., Rho, Mun Chual, Kwon, Hyoung Jun, Jung, Bock Gie, Alfajaro, Mia Madel, Kim, Deok Seong, Kim, Hyun Jeong, Hosmillo, Myra, Park, Jun Gyu, Son, Kyu Yeol, Park, Sang Ik, Kang, Mun Il, Park, Su Jin, Lee, Swung Woong, Lee, Woo Song, Cho, Kyoung Oh. Azuki bean (Vigna angularis) extract inhibits the development of experimentally induced atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions in NC/Nga mice. Food Chemistry. 2012. 132 (3): 1269-1275.
  10. Kim, Ha-Hyun, Bak, Geon-Yong, Park, Jun-Gyu, Kim, Hyun Jeong, Kwon, Hyoung Jun, Park, Su Jin, Jeong, Young-Ju , Kim, Chae-Hyeon, Hosmillo, Myra, Alfajaro, Mia Madel, Collantes, Therese Marie A., Kang, Mun Il, Park, Sang Ik, Cho, Kyoung Oh. Expression of type 2 porcine circovirus-like particles of two major genotypic groups in baculovirus recombinants. Korean Journal of Veterinary Public Health. 2010. 34 (3): 229-236.

Project Involvements:

  1. Project Manager, Profiling of Economically Important Diseases of Swine and Cattle in the Philippines for Enhanced Surveillance, Management and Control, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines Los Baños. PL-480 Title I Program (Foreign-assisted program, United States Department of Agriculture), January 2015- July 2018
  2. Project Staff, Optimization, bench-scale preparation and toxicological evaluation of a pectin-gelatin/nanocellulose biocomposite coating from mango peel and nata de coco for the postharvest life extension of mango (Mangifera indica L. cv. Carabao) and bell pepper (Capsicum annum L.) fruits, Institute of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Los Baños,Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD), 01 June – 30 November 2015
  3. Project Staff, Hemostatic Agents from Radiation-Modified Polysaccharides and Their Derivatives: Project Development and Efficacy/Safety Evaluation in Animal Models. PNRI and PCHRD, DOST, 2012-2014
  4. Project Staff, Apitherapy project, Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Research. 2012-2014.