Administrative Services Office
Administrative Services Office

The  Administrative  Services Office (AdSO) provides administrative services related to  human  resource  management,  records,  information  and communication, logistics (property and supply maintenance and management, and transport services), procurement, and finance.

The AdSO is headed by an Administrative Officer and comprise of five sections: human resource, records, information and communication; procurement; motorpool/transport services; carpentry, masonry, and electrical;  and utility services and grounds maintenance.

Maria Amelita C. Estacio


Philfred Q. Villamayor

Head, Administrative Services Office

Human Resource, Records, Information, and Communication

Angelita Q. Go

Administrative Officer III

Junelle L. Paller

Administrative Officer II

Jake Paul L. Matias

Administrative Aide VI

Fernando P. Micosa

Administrative Aide V

Administrative Aide I

Procurement, Supply, and Property

Administrative Officer I

Andres P. Adiviso

Administrative Assistant V

Arriane Joyce M. Alcantara

Senior Office Assistant (ICS)

Motorpool/Transport Services

Crisaldo M. Gadon

Administrative Aide IV

Armando S. Noche

Administrative Aide IV

Angel Bert A. Tolentino

Administrative Aide IV

Radito N. Tuano

Administrative Aide IV

Carpentry, Masonry, and Electrical

Rolando F. Banaag

Administrative Aide VI

Christopher M. Odquier

Administrative Aide III

Efren C. Barrion

Administrative Aide I

Administrative Aide I

Utility Services and Ground Maintenance

Miguelito C. Esperante

Administrative Aide III

Rodolfo M. Hernandez

Administrative Aide I

Diether T. De Guzman

Asst. Utility Worker (ICS)

Nora R. Bacorro