Vision and Mission
Vision and Mission



The premier veterinary institution in the Asia Pacific recognized for producing world-class and service-oriented veterinary professionals.

To provide quality education to veterinary students and professionals in order to support national and global animal health, production and welfare, and safeguard public health.


To realize its vision, CVM has the following goals:


To realize its vision, CVM plans to:

Three-fold Function

CVM adopts the three-fold function of instruction, research and extension.

For instruction, CVM develops and implements relevant undergraduate and graduate programs to produce internationally-competitive veterinarians who will play leadership roles in accelerating the modernization of veterinary services towards sustainable development in the Philippines.

For research, CVM undertakes research and developmental activities that focus on fields or areas where limited researchers are being made in order to incorporate indigenous technology and modern science to achieve global competitiveness in veterinary science and animal production.

For extension, CVM assists the government in its effort of introducing appropriate technology to the Filipinos, empowering our agricultural workers to be more effective and efficient producers through innovative approaches and promoting public health.

UP's Philosophy of Education

A UP education is liberal, developing breadth of mind and an attitude of inquiry; nationalist, fostering a commitment to the freedom and welfare of Filipinos and the Filipino nation; and transformative, enabling students to change themselves and contribute to improving their communities, the nation, and the world based on a strong sense of their cultural and historical identity as well as a sense of a shared humanity.

Through a combination of courses in the liberal arts, which comprise the General Education curriculum, and specialist courses in each student’s chosen field of study, students are imbued with the University’s core values of honor (dangal) and excellence (husay at galing).


The curriculum is designed to expose students to various theories and paradigms both within and across disciplines, and a learner-centered pedagogy is implemented to:

UP Graduate Attributes

UP graduates are critical and innovative thinkers and leaders in the disciplines and the professions, who are committed to serving the needs of the Filipino nation; upholding social justice; and promoting human rights, cultural diversity, and ecological integrity. They possess expertise in their respective disciplines and skills in the different modes of inquiry as well as broad intellectual and cultural horizons; a passion for learning and scholarship; advanced literacy skills (textual, visual, digital) and higher-order thinking skills; and objectivity and open-mindedness, respect for diversity, and a global and cosmopolitan outlook.

UP's Institutional Vision

The University of the Philippines (UP) as a leading regional and global university in an environment that sustains 21st century learning, knowledge creation, and public service for society and humanity

UP's Mission

As the national university, UP is mandated to perform its unique and distinctive leadership in higher education and development. It shall: