Professor 7


Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Academic Background

DVM, 1978, University of the Philippines Diliman
MS, 1983, Kansas State University, USA



Recent Publications

  1. Adao JG, Matawaran VA and Acorda JA. 2017. Effect of guava (Psidium guajava) cream on the gross and microscopic features and healing rate of incisional wounds in domestic short-haired cats. Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 43 (2): 83-91
  2. Matawaran, V.A. and A.K.L. Maligat. 2013.Detection of Malassezia-like yeasts on the skin of apparently healthy dogs using cytology. Phil. J. Vet. &nAnim Sci. 39(1):107-114.
  3. Alejandro-Matawaran, Veronica, MS Cruz, F Alejandro, and M Quizon. Detection of canine corona virus antibodies in diarrheic dogs: a Preliminary report (Short Communication). Philipp. J. Vet. Med, 38(2): 107-109, 2001.
  4. Matawaran, Veronica , Magdalena Cruz, Famela Alejandro, Elaine Manigbas and Ian J. Saliendra, 2001.” Detection of Canine Coronavirus Antibodies in Diarrheic Dogs: A Preliminary Report”, Phil. J. Vet. Med, 38:107-109.
  5. Manigbas, Elaine P. Veronica SJ. Alejandro-Matawaran, J.N. Garcia and E Delima. Preliminary study on hematological, blood glucose and cholesterol values in some captive Philippine raptors. Phil. J. Vet. Med, 37:87-89, 2000.
  6. Abes, A. G. Esguerra and A. Matawaran, 2000. “Vaginal Fibroma in an Eight-year Old Mixed Breed Bitch”, PJVM, 37:50-53
  7. Matawaran, V.A. and G. Matias, 1999. “Gross and Histopathological Changes in the Cloacal bursa of diseased Broiler chickens”, PJVM, 36:61-71
  8. Matawaran, V.A. and L. Cheng, 1999. Histopathological Observations on the Brain, Heart, Lung and Testes of Captured Wild Birds in the Philippines. PJVM, 36(1):42-43
  9. Matawaran, VA, Endaya, B and M. Sison, 1998.Coligranuloma (Hjarre’s Disease) in a Captive Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), PJVM, 35 (1&2)