Associate Professor 5


Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Academic Background

DVM, 1989, University of the Philippines Los Baños
MS, 1999, University of the Philippines Los Baños


Equine Medicine

Recent Publications

  1. Cruzat, J.M. , K.R.B. Gicana, J.H.A. Abalos, M.G.V. Paraso, and M.C.T de Luna. 2018. Comparison of anesthetic effect of three dose regimens of tiletamine-zolazepam-propofol combination in philippine domestic cats. Philipp. J. Vet. Med., 55(1): 45-52
  2. Abalos J.H.A., K.R.B. Gicana, E.F.. Brobio, and M.J.B. Addatu. 2016. Anesthetic and cardiopulmonary effects of intravenous tiletamine -zolazepam with or without xylazine in goats (Capra hircus). Philipp. J. Vet. Med., 53(2): 118-125
  3. Torres, E.B., J.H.A. Abalos, and K.R.B. Gicana. 2009. Uterine prolapse in a mare following normal delivery: clinical case management. Philipp. J. Vet. Med.,46(2): 119-122
  4. Olarve J.P. and J.H.A. Abalos. 2006. Immunoglobulin and total protein concentrations of fresh bubaline colostrum. Philipp. J. Vet. Med. 43(1)
  5. Palmones, Patricia, JHA Abalos, and EP Manigbas. 2009. Comparative evaluation of anesthesia in cats produced using tiletamine-zolazepam with or without ketamine and/or xylazine. Philipp. J. Vet. Med.,46(1): 53-60
  6. Manuel, M.F., J.H.A Abalos, and C.D. Solis. 2002. Some acute behavioral and physiologic effects observed in local Philippine dogs voluntarily fed with monosodium glutamate (MSG) in diet. Philipp. J. Vet. Med.,39(1): 50-51
  7. Abalos, J.H.A., M.I.P. Torres, and S.A. Sedano, 2000: “Preliminary screening of randomly amplified polymorphic DNA primers for the detection of locally isolated Streptococcus equi sub equi isolates and an isolate of Streptococcus equi sub zooepidemicus. Philipp. J. Vet. Med.,37: 57-65.
  8. Abalos, J.H.A. and P.G. Talavera, 1999: “Clinico-pathologic findings in a case of perosomus elumbis in a Brahman calf.” Philipp. J. Vet. Med., 36: 83-87.
  9. Rayos, A.A., J.H. A. Abalos, S.V. FlorCruz and H. Kanagawa, 1990: “Induction of estrus in cattle by intraovarian injection of PGF-2 ” Theriogenology (Sept. 1990) 34(3). Pp. 511-521.