CVM Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

There are various student organizations that exist within the College where students can have opportunity to nurture camaraderie among other students and develop their talents and leadership potentials.


The CVM Student Council, the official student body, consists of a chair, vice-chair, six councilors and representatives from all year levels. Being the government of the student body, it aims to: uphold students rights and promote student welfare; promote the well-rounded growth and education of students in an atmosphere of academic freedom and peace; contribute to the development of the College not only as an institution of learning but also of knowledge and professional competence; help protect the rights and welfare of the academic and administrative personnel of the College; and be of service to the university community and the people.


A veterinary student may also join other student organizations such as: Society for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and research (SAVER); Society of Men (SM); Societas Mulierum (SM); UP Lady Veterinary Students’ Association (Lady Vets); UP Rodeo Club (RC); Venerable Knight Veterinarians Fraternity (VKV); Venerable Lady Veterinarians Sorority (VLV); Veterinary Student Achievers’ Society (VSAS); UP Veterinary Medical Students’ Society (UP VetSoc) and UP Alpha Chiron Society (UPACS), depending upon his/her personal interest.


Activities of these organizations include: veterinary extension works to supplement training for the clinicians; farm practice such as restraint, casting, castration and treatment of farm animals; vaccination drive, cultural shows; voluntary service to small farmers and animal raisers; and to stimulate better academic performance among their members.