Alumni News and Activities
Alumni News and Activities


In celebration of the 60th Foundation Anniversary of the Venerable Knight Veterinarians (VKV) Fraternity, the VKVVLV Foundation, Inc., reopened the Dr. Jose A. Solis Museum of Veterinary Anatomy on the 9 th of February, after being closed for renovation. Professor Emeritus Ceferino Maala, head of Team JA Solis Museum of Veterinary Anatomy served as Master of Ceremony for the Opening Program. Dr. Maala played a crucial role in making this project a reality.

CVM Dean Eduardo B. Torres welcomed special guests Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) Dr. Portia M. Lapitan, UPLB Museum of Natural History (MNH) Director Dr. Juan Carlos T. Gonzalez and VKV Alumni Association Inc. President Dr. Dante Palabrica. Dr. Palabrica warmly extended greetings to the granddaughter of Dr. Solis, Ms. Josephine Solis-Parco who delivered a heart-warming story of how her grandfather loved being a veterinarian and how she appreciates that her grandfather, his love for the profession and his passion will be remembered through the collection.

Most specimens in the Museum were prepared by Dr. Jose A. Solis with the help of two staff members, Mang Atong and Mang Enso. The collection includes several mounted skeletons of domestic animals and bones which were transferred from the UP Diliman Campus when CVM moved to UP Los Baños in 1984. Additional equine foot exhibits were donated by former histologist and embryologist Dr. Cesario Zamora. 

Currently, there are now eleven (11) glass cabinets housing rare specimens, including those of fetuses and malformations. Furthermore, mounted skeletons of a tiger, a dolphin, stuffed birds, and other anatomical specimens were recently acquired. The skulls of the Philippine crocodile and the Palawan crocodile from the Palawan Wildlife Reserve Center will also be a part of the collection soon. To prevent deterioration of the growing number of specimens in the collection, four airconditioning units were also purchased.

The Dr. Jose A. Solis Museum has been a popular site to visit for kindergarten, elementary, high school and University students from not just from neighboring schools but also those institutions located in nearby cities and towns. It is envisioned that an audiovisual, where visitors can view special videos of interest, will be placed adjacent to the Museum. The College is indeed grateful for very supportive alumni who aid CVM to provide better services not just to our students but to others from the various educational institutions in our country.