MS Curriculum

Filipino Applicants

Applicants for admission to the Master’s degree must be holders of bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from any recognized academic institution. A duly accomplished application form must be submitted to the Graduate School together with the following documents:

a)     Original and photocopy of transcript of record (in the English language) for each college previously attended;

b)     One original copy of and one photocopy of each certificate or diploma received;

c)      Two letters of recommendation from former professors;

d)     Certification of medium of instruction in previous degree by the University Registrar or results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); and

e)     A nonrefundable application fee of Php250.00 for Filipino citizens or US$30.00 for foreign nationals in bank draft or money order remitted to the Graduate School. The correct major department should be properly indicated in the application.

(The Graduate School and the individual programs reserve the right to require additional information or documents from an applicant when deemed necessary. All application materials become part of the permanent records of UPLB and will not be returned to the applicant.)

Applicants from Foreign Countries

English Proficiency Examination. If English is not the medium of instruction or the TOEFL score is below 600, an applicant is required to take the English Proficiency Examination (EPE) in UPLB. This is to determine his level of proficiency. The fee for EPE is Php250.00. If the applicant’s level of proficiency is Level A, he is required to take the Level A English Intensive Course for a fee of Php8,000.00.

Application Deadlines

All documents must be received by the Graduate School not later than 31 January for First Semester (June) admission, and 30 June for Second Semester (November) admission.

Admission Categories

An applicant to a degree program may be admitted on either regular or probationary status. Regular admission is offered to an applicant whose academic records and supporting documents indicate that he is qualified to undertake graduate study in his chosen field. Probationary admission is offered to an applicant whose academic records and supporting documents indicate deficiencies but show promise of success in graduate study. An applicant must meet the specific requirements of his admission before his probationary status can be changed to regular. An applicant who fails to meet the terms of probationary admission is disqualified from the intended program of study.

Deferment of Admission

An applicant who cannot enroll in the semester for which admission was offered may send a written request to the dean of the Graduate School to have his admission deferred for a period not exceeding one year. If the request is approved, the student cannot register for graduate work as a non-degree or special student in UPLB while his deferment is in effect.


An applicant offered readmission to a degree program shall undergo the same procedure as that of a newly-admitted graduate student. Applications for readmission to a graduate program can be made only once.


A student who does not register in the current semester without an approved leave of absence or does not return from an approved leave of absence is considered to have withdrawn without official leave from the Graduate School. As such the student’s degree status shall be discontinued.