Admission to the Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Beginning Freshmen

  1. For admission as freshmen to the UPLB College of Veterinary Medicine, graduates of accredited high schools must have passed the National Secondary Assessment Test (NSAT) and the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT).
  2. A qualified applicant who for some valid reasons, cannot enroll during the semester originally applied for may apply for deferment of enrollment to the next succeeding semester or academic year by writing to the Registrar of UP Los Baños.


Transfer Students from Other Universities

  1. Applicants must have earned at least 33 units (all applicable courses must be validated), or 66 units (no longer required to validate similar courses) of collegiate work.

Applicants with a General Weighted Average (GWA)-Admission Credentials of “2.0” or better shall be made to take the aptitude test administered by the Counseling and Testing Division, UPLB-Office of Student Affairs for future reference and evaluation.

  1. Applicants with a GWA-Admission Credentials of lower than “2.0” shall be required, as a prerequisite to their admission, to have an aptitude test rating of at least “average” and shall be placed in the “Probationary List of Admitted Students upon admission.”
  2. Students in the “Probationary List” must:
    1. earn 24 units in two immediately consecutive semesters, excluding summer; and
    2. maintain an academic status of “Good” during the probationary period.

 Failure to meet any of the above two conditions (a or b) will result in the dismissal of the student.


Transfer Students from Other UP Units

  1. All transfer students from other UP units shall be admitted provided they meet the following qualifications:
    1. must have “Good” academic status, having earned 76%-100% of total units registered in the immediately preceding semester;
    2. must have at least an “Average” aptitude test result for Veterinary Medicine as determined by the CTD, OSA; and
    3. must have been allowed to transfer by their original unit through an issuance of “Permit to Transfer”.
  2. Applicants whose academic status are classified as “Warning” (having earned 52%-76% of total units registered) shall be admitted provided their aptitude test result is at least “Average”; but they shall be placed in the “Probationary List”.
  3. In no case shall dismissed students be admitted.