The UP General Education Program

 UP develops not only the professional competence of its students but also their “ability to communicate thought effectively, think critically and make relevant judgments.” This is accomplished through its General Education Program (GE Program).

 The UP GE Program started in 1958 under the term of President Vicente G. Sinco and has been an integral part of UP education since then. Often associated with the “TATAK UP” that all UP graduates bear, the GE Program was perceived as “essential for the understanding of the age in which we live, for an appreciation of the values of life, and for the recognition of the true, the noble, and the beautiful.”

 Specifically, the GE Program aims to provide a well-rounded educational experience for all UP students by offering courses that will equip them with an understanding of the basic areas of knowledge. Thus, with the GE Program, UP produces “educated professionals.”

 There are two types of courses that UP students take during their stay in the University, namely, the general education courses and the specialized courses. In the sequencing of enrollment of courses, GE courses precede the specialized courses. The objectives of the GE program, since q986, have been:

1) To broaden the student’s intellectual and cultural horizon;

2) To foster a commitment to nationalism balanced by a sense of internationalism;

3) To cultivate a capacity for independent, critical and creative thinking; and

4) To infuse a passion for learning with a high sense of moral and intellectual integrity.


  1. To enable the student to acquire basic skills and competencies in mathematics, reasoning and communication;
  2. To make the student develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the various disciplines of the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and philosophy; and
  3. To help the student develop the ability to integrate and/or adapt the knowledge and skills acquired from the various disciplines.