Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (DVCS)

Chair: Veronica A. Matawaran, Professor 3
Tel. no.: +63 49 536 6901
VoIP: 10200

DVCS is situated at the CVM Maahas Field Station. It offers courses in Clinics, Diagnostic Imaging, Ethics and Jurisprudence, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Theriogenology and Zootechnics. It has four laboratories, namely Large Animal Surgery, Small Animal Surgery, Theriogenology and Zootechnics.

Key Research Areas

* Ultrasonography of different organs of Philippine water buffalo, sheep, goat and horse
* Cryopreservation of spermatozoa and embryos of domestic and wild animals
* Artificial insemination and embryo transfer in domestic and wild animals
* Weight determination using external body measurements in domestic animals
* Acupuncture analgesia and therapy in domestic animals
* Diseases & disorders of horses in breeding farms and race tracks
* Heat synchronization procedures in cattle and buffaloes
* Effects of feed additives in poultry and swine production
* Photomicrographic assessment of sperm motility in large animals
* Serum biochemistry profile of domestic and wild animals
* Histopathologic and histochemical studies on canine mammary gland tumor and transmissible venereal tumor