The premier veterinary institution in Asia Pacific recognized for producing world-class and service-oriented veterinary professionals.



To provide quality education to veterinary students and professionals in order to support national and global animal health, production and welfare, and safeguard public health.



To realize its vision, CVM has the following goals:

1.      To offer undergraduate and graduate programs relevant to Philippine and Asian concerns;

2.      To provide the highest quality of instruction in veterinary medical science;

3.      To undertake research in various fields of veterinary medicine, including animal production and veterinary public health;

4.      To participate in multidisciplinary activities for promotion and enhancement of biomedical and agricultural sectors; and

5.      To provide client-oriented veterinary services in urban and rural areas.



To realize its vision, CVM plans to:

  1. Produce highly competent general practitioners, through the DVM program;
  2. Produce specialists in various fields of veterinary medicine, through the MS program;
  3. Conduct studies that will lead to generation of new information and/or discovery of new technologies in veterinary medicine and allied fields;
  4. Establish linkages with local, national and foreign government, non-government and private organizations/institutions for teaching, research and extension collaborations;
  5. Cooperate with government and private entities in the delivery of veterinary services to the various sectors of society especially the marginalized and rural populations.


Three-fold Function

CVM adopts the three-fold function of instruction, research and extension.

For instruction, CVM develops and implements relevant undergraduate and graduate programs to produce internationally-competitive veterinarians who will play leadership roles in accelerating the modernization of veterinary services towards sustainable development in the Philippines.

For research, CVM undertakes research and developmental activities that focus on fields or areas where limited researchers are being made in order to incorporate indigenous technology and modern science to achieve global competitiveness in veterinary science and animal production.

For extension, CVM assists the government in its effort of introducing appropriate technology to the Filipinos, empowering our agricultural workers to be more effective and efficient producers through innovative approaches and promoting public health.